Elect Team Ignite at the 2023 OFL Convention

Endorsements – Team Ignite

Education is at the heart of what we do: as workers in Ontario’s schools and as a union, building worker power to fight for what we need.

Team Ignite has shown their commitment to organize, build and win for Ontario workers. And that is why the 55,000 education worker members of the Ontario School Boards Council of Unions endorse Laura Walton, Ahmad Gaied, and Jackie Taylor for the leadership of the Ontario Federation of Labour with unreserved enthusiasm and pride.

There is energy building in our labour movement. Workers are waking up to the need for strong unions to balance the powers of governments and corporations. Education workers played a critical role in this movement-building, reminding all workers, that we can push back against unjust laws and unfair contracts and win.

The OSBCU executive worked alongside Laura Walton for years as she developed the strategy, laid the foundation, and put in the work of deep organizing that led to our historic illegal strike. The OSBCU fought off Doug Ford in no small part because of Laura’s leadership and vision. Our members are confident she will bring that same single-minded sense of justice and purpose to the OFL as the president.

Ahmad Gaied has proven his solidarity and dedication to workers countless times over. He was a mainstay at our rallies and pickets, his voice booming over the bullhorn to lift the spirits of workers, and he will continue to inspire and empower our movement as OFL secretary-treasurer.

Jackie Taylor’s commitment to union education is renowned. She embodies the spirit of grassroots activism at the heart of great union organizing and will be a tremendous asset as the OFL’s executive vice-president.

We believe Team Ignite that can meet this moment and build our movement for a better future for Ontario workers.

The Executive Board of the Ontario School Boards Council of Unions