Elect Team Ignite at the 2023 OFL Convention

Endorsements – Team Ignite

As workers in the entertainment industry, the IATSE has a keen understanding of the necessary  hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order for any production to be a success. Team  Ignite, consisting of Laura Walton (running for President), Ahmad Gaied (running for Secretary Treasurer), and Jackie Taylor (running for Executive Vice-President), has a long history of  undertaking that very work. The public face of the work that they do forms only a small part of their  efforts.  

Laura worked as an educational assistant supporting children with special needs, and her work  and advocacy has continued to grow. Last fall, she led 55,000 CUPE members across the province to withdraw their labour for two days in defiance of legislation that imposed a contract on education  workers, which ultimately resulted in the repeal of anti-worker Bill 28. 

Ahmad Gaied started with the UFCW at a No Frills store, becoming chief steward in 2003. He  worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a leader in labour and community advocacy, and  was elected to his current position as Secretary-Treasurer of the OFL in 2019.  

Jackie Taylor has been a grassroots activist with USW for many years, serving on the Steelworkers’ pay equity and bargaining committees to ensure that members achieve meaningful  gains at the bargaining table. A proud Woman of Steel, Jackie has worked with Women of Steel  committees across Canada and the US to strengthen women’s rights in the workplace and  advance women’s activism within the union. 

We are confident that Team Ignite has the skills and experience necessary to lead Ontario’s house  of labour. As leaders in the province’s entertainment sector, we are proud to endorse Laura  Walton, Ahmad Gaied, and Jackie Taylor for leadership at the Ontario Federation of Labour. 

In solidarity,  

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