Elect Team Ignite at the 2023 OFL Convention

Endorsements – Team Ignite

The Society of United Professionals is proud to be an active part of the Labour Movement in Ontario. We know that it is through working together collectively as a movement – in solidarity – that we are able to achieve the best results for the people of this province. 

For the Labour Movement to be its most effective, we need a strong Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) at its head. The Society is a proud and active member of Canada’s largest labour federation, and we have seen first-hand how important it is for the OFL to have strong leadership.

To this end, the Society is proud to endorse Team Ignite for the leadership of the OFL in the upcoming election at the 2023 OFL Convention.

We believe that Laura Walton (CUPE), Ahmad Gaied (UFCW), and Jackie Taylor (USW) will form a formidable leadership team capable of leading the Labour Movement through this critical period for working people. Team Ignite’s collective experience, along with their commitment to solidarity, organizing, and member engagement, sets the right focus for strengthening and building the Labour Movement into the future. 

We look forward to working closely with Laura, Ahmad, and Jackie to ensure that we strengthen not only the rights and bargaining power of Society-represented members, but also the wellbeing of all Ontarians.