Elect Team Ignite at the 2023 OFL Convention

Endorsements – Team Ignite

The challenges facing workers in Ontario are considerable – and CUPE Ontario members are proud to support Team Ignite for the leadership of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) as the vanguard of working people across the province.

Corporate interests are mounting, benefiting from corrupt political leadership. They will be countered by an education worker, a grocery store clerk, and a community worker with a clear vision to organize workers, build power, and win critical gains. Laura Walton, Ahmad Gaied, and Jackie Taylor will bring fresh ideas and a new approach to the work of the OFL, renewing the million member organization.

We have worked with and alongside these leaders. We have seen them in communities and on picket lines. We know this is the visionary and dynamic team take our movement to a new level, defending and advancing the rights of working people across Ontario. 

These union leaders are activists to their cores. 

Laura Walton, the candidate for OFL President, reinvigorated the labour movement in Ontario when she led 55,000 CUPE Ontario’s School Board Council of Union’s education workers to walk off the job in protest of Doug Ford’s violation of their rights to collective bargaining and the undemocratic use of the notwithstanding clause. This critical moment in Ontario labour history followed years of organizing and grassroots activism. 

Ahmad Gaied has brought his passion and commitment to grassroots, worker-led initiatives to picket lines and organizing drives across the province in his current role as Secretary-Treasurer of the OFL. He has been instrumental in strengthening the OFL through the Enough is Enough campaign.

Jackie Taylor is offering to become the Vice-President of the OFL, dedicated her early union activism with United Steelworkers (USW) to ensuring pay equity and supporting local bargaining initiatives. She’s since devoted herself to mobilizing members through critical union education.

These three incredible labour leaders have remarkable records and our members are excited to work with them, and with all the affiliate unions of the Federation to improve Ontario workers’ collective future.

—CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn and Secretary-Treasurer Yolanda McClean